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Fusion Support

Please use one of the following Fusion support channels, we are happy to assist users in any way we can.

Alternatively click on the SUPPORT tab to the far left of your screen to send us a support ticket.


Customer Support Centre: 021 201 1400

Fusion Key Features

Simple & intuitive capture of all your listings including residential,developments, commercial & agricultural stock. Capture once and easily publish to all your digital market places including the major portals. 

Track enquiries from your website & other sources including the major portals from directly within Fusion. Convert & create leads via a simple yet powerful interface, enabling effective detail capture, tracking & engagement with every client prospect. 

Capture, communicate & track deals from signature to registration. Manage commissions with powerful agent, office & group performance reporting. 

Fusion cleverly captures your prospect buyer and tenant requirements and easily lets you match stock to these requirements. 


Follow the features link for further information.