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User Tip – Auto-Unpublish Feature

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We’d like to remind and bring to your attention once more the use of the auto-unpublish feature in Fusion to ensure you have it setup properly for your relevant listings.

When you publish listings to the various destinations in Fusion you are able to set an auto-unpublish date. On this date the listing will be automatically unpublished from the destinations you have sent it to i.e. Your Own Website, Private Property or Other Portals. If you have set auto-unpublish dates for your listings it is your responsibility to ensure that these are republished out to ensure they remain actively marketed should they still be available on the market.

You are quickly able to see which listings are currently active in Fusion but are unpublished. Go to the Sales By Feed data slice-> select the destination from the drop down menu e.g. Own Website -> and then select the Show Unpublished radio button. See screenshot attached.

Currently no email notifications are sent out warning which listings are about to become unpublished. You are required to use the Advanced Filters tool to identify these listings. You will need to use this tool week to week to check expiring listings that have been set with auto removal dates. You can choose not to set or clear auto removal dates when publishing listings – this will then negate the need to continue with these checks on-going.

To quickly check what listings you have displaying live and that are due to be automatically unpublished > use the Advanced Filters feature on your listings > select Date Type > Publish Removal Date > Apply Filters. This is a quick way to get an overview of the listings that you’d like to extend or remove auto-unpublish from altogether. See screenshot attached.

NB: In the event that you’ve allowed a listing to be auto-unpublished and would like to re-publish, please ensure you have done so to Private Property (if need be) and not just your own website. It is a good idea to review your listings from time to time using the Filter by Feed filter slice to ensure all your data is published correctly.

We have noticed that quite a few offices have set auto-removal dates which have resulted in many listings being auto-unpublished. Please review all your listings ASAP and ensure affected listings are re-published where required.

As always, please contact support should you need any assistance.

This article was written by gareth